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2023-2024 Class Schedule 

Classes begin October - June. Join us for classes Monday-Thursday. Unsure about commitment? Drop in classes available! 


Teacher: Ms. Julia  

3:00-3:45 Creative Movement (3/4yr)


3:45-4:15 Boogie Dance (3/4yr) 


5:30-6:20 Hip Hop (9-11yr)

*1 spots open 

6:30-7:15 Pom & Cheer I (9yr+) 

*Full. Email for waitlist


Teacher: Ms. Isabella 

3:00-3:45 Pre-Ballet #1 (5/6yr) 

*4 spots open

3:45-4:15 Pre-Jazz #1 (5/6yr)

 * 1 spots open

4:30-5:15 Pre-Ballet #2 (5/6yr) 

*2 spot open

5:15-5:45 Pre-Jazz #2 (5/6yr)


Teacher: Ms. Julia  


3:30-4:15 Beginning Acro (7-12yr) 


4:15-5:00 Beginner Pom & Cheer (7-8yr)

*3 spots open

5:00-6:00 Ballet II/III (9-12+) 


Teacher: Ms. Allison 

3:45-4:30 Pre-Ballet #3 (5/6yr) 

*2 spot open


4:30-5:20 Ballet I (7-8yrs) 

5:30-6:15 Beg. Hip Hop (6-8yr)

*Full. Email for waitlist 


6:30-7:30 Adult (18yr+)

Teacher: Rotation 

Age Requirements & Programs

All dancers must be of age by 9/1/23


Preschool Division ages 3-6yrs

Elementary Division ages 7-11yrs

Junior Division ages 12-14yrs

Elite Division 14-17yrs

Adult Program 18+


Class Descriptions 

Creative Movement: CDW Founder, Lynn Beasley inspired class. Dancers will dive into stories centered around Ballet and reenact them through dance. How would mermaids dance in the water? Young Dancers will learn basic motor skills (fine and gross). At the end of the year, dancers will understand the importance of dance class etiquette and taking turns.  

Boogie Dance: Young Dancers will have the opportunity to dance to songs they may hear on the radio (clean/edited). Such as Trolls, Bluey, Cars, and more! Dancers will understand the importance of taking turns and honoring independence. Kiddos will go across the floor and venture in obstacle courses. Boogie Dance offers games like "Freeze Dance" and "Dancer Says".  

Pre-Ballet: Join beginner ballet! Dancers read a variety of Ballet stories throughout the year such as Angelina Ballerina, The Nutcracker, and Swan Lake! Teachers will introduce the basic positions and French terminology of ballet. Dancers will practice floor work exercises and fun interactive stretches like "butterfly stretch". This group will focus on gross motor skills such as skipping and galloping. 

Pre-Jazz: Listen to upbeat kid friendly music while stretching and traveling across the floor. Dancers will be introduced to staccato movement (sharp vs. smooth) while learning the basic fundamentals of jazz choreography such as a jazz square. Dancers will practice their independence while also learning the skills to dance as a group! 

Ballet I: Students will slowly transition their way from center stretching to practicing their technique at the ballet barre through proper Ballet ettiequte. Dancers will meet "Mr. & Mrs. Barre" mid way through the year. In this class, dancers will learn the basics of ballet positions (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) and will confidently translate ballet terminology such as Plié, Tendu, and more! 

Acro: Dancers will learn various safe stretches on a padded mat. Under supervision and spotting, the students will learn basic Acrobatic skills that will help them achieve flexibility and strength. Every student has different mobility, which means our staff will safely guide each student uniquely. Students will learn a variety of skills that can start from somersaults, back walk overs, cartwheels, walking on hands, and more! 

Beginner Pom & Cheer. Pom & Cheer 1: Pom and Cheer is a perfect combination of dancing and chanting. The Children's Dance Workshop “Squad” will grasp the fundamentals of building a human pyramid and creating pictures with arms. They will learn how to pump up a crowd and discover the importance of being a team player. If you’re interested in stepping out of your shy comfort zone, prepping for high school auditions, or simply wanting to dance your heart out - this class is for you. Dancers will also have the opportunity to use real NFL / NBA style pompoms! 

Hip Hop: Hip Hop is a cardio based dance class filled with learning new choreography frequently. Dancers will be expected to perform and emote as they master choreography given over a period of time. Clean and popular music from the radio will be played as we explore spatial awareness and improvisation. Our Hip Hop class will bring a sense of community as we work on team building exercises throughout the year. 

Ballet II & III: Basic Ballet is helpful but not required. During the year, students will gradually transition from holding two hands on the Ballet Barre, to one hand! Dancers will learn how to confidently travel across the floor with elegance and poise. Dancers will take on roles and understand the difference of movement between characters in Ballets. Think: Mouse King VS. Sugar Plum Fairy.

*If you are an assistant for our PreSchool Division, you are required to take this class. 

Jazz: Dancers will execute a variety of choreography throughout the year. This level is mostly centered around the style Jazz Funk. Dancers will be able to practice their emotional story telling while also serving fierce strong movement.  

Adult: CDW understands if you cannot commit to a weekly class, which is why this 6:30-7:30 Thursday time slot will be treated as a masterclass! Pay weekly as opposed to monthly. Each week, there will be a new teacher and a new style. If Hip Hop Cardio isn't your vibe, try a heels class, or NFL / NBA inspired routine. Yes, Disco Lights are involved. Goodbye stress, and Hello inner diva! *Clean gym shoes required. 

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